About Us

The inspiration behind Annalisa Unleashed is Annalisa, my 1-year & 3 month-old Shih Tzu, born and raised in LA.

She’s extremely sweet and friendly yet confident and strong minded. 

I, Aiysha Hinds felt an instant bond to Annalisa from only 2 months old, when she fell asleep on my lap while I was talking to her now previous family. I thought, there’s no way I’m leaving here without this dog.    

After traveling to several countries with Annalisa in tow, I quickly realized that not everyone considers dogs family as we do here in LA.  I then decided to leave my career in the Cosmetics Industry and started designing products for Annalisa and other dogs.  Cats too.   

My hope is that through Modern yet Practical Design & Product Development we can all develop a Modern Attitude towards animals in general throughout the world.